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Our story:

Sin Miedo translates to fearless in Spanish. It is a little mantra that I started saying and doodling in college while I was adjusting to my new life as a mama and full-time student. I was overwhelmed and scared but could feel myself growing. It was all new and scary territory for me but exciting as I felt I was changing into whom I am meant to be. As an LA-raised first-generation Mexican and Cuban woman, I carry many things, but my ancestor's struggle and the constant desire to keep hustling and growing is what motivates me to keep going. Given my anxiety, living sin miedo can be a bit of a contradiction but along my life journey, I have realized that is the beauty of it all. Sin Miedo started its journey at flea markets and events and will always be so grateful for that community that showed me what I deserved. Sin Miedo is a community first then a brand. SM embraces change, freedom, unique beauty, and individuality because we all deserve to do whatever makes us happy and have people by our side who encourage that. Our mission statement or whatever is to create a safe community where our clients can experiment with fun fashion-forward and nostalgic pieces that our moms wouldn't buy us when we were kids. We are just kind chingonas, doing what we want, wearing what we want, saying what we want, all while giving back to our community & chasing our dreams.

Very cutely, we stay bypassing all of the social constructs meant to tear us down along the way. ✌🏽


watch us grow, watch us bloom

 🖤 sin Miedo 🖤 


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